Why Responsive website design for local businesses is important

Responsive website design

Why Responsive website design for local businesses is important

Responsive website design is not a new concept and the buzzword has been around for a couple of years, yet most business websites still ignore the benefits of having a responsive website.

So what is responsive website design? Simply put, a website that changes how it looks depending on what screen size the website is being viewed on. Traditionally website designers used to have make multiple versions of the website at different website screens and these used to be called something like “m.mywebsite.com” (I bet a few remember that), which was a simple redirect if the user was detected using a mobile device. The issue with this was twice as long development time and twice as long to load and redirect the user.

So in recent years as technology developed it was easier to change the code in the stylesheet which was like a simple switch, which loaded on the page you where viewing, removing the need to redirect a user or spend x amount to build a mobile version of your website. A professional website designer should be able to make simple edits to the CSS to change how the website displays, this is prefect for user interaction, it’s quick, responsive and easy to navigate.

Now, some business owners may think there is no point in updating their current website, but I beg to differ. A majority of website traffic, provided by analytic reports show that nearly 50% – 60% of all website traffic come from a mobile device or tablet. Chances are if your stats are less than this, its probably that people are a) not finding your website due to poor SEO or b) your website is not easy to use on a mobile or tablet causing the user to leave and find the information or product on a website that is much easier to navigate.

Losing that kind of percentage of usersĀ and potential customers can be a huge hole in your business marketing. Keeping your website up to date with modern changes can help increase your website traffic and potential sales. Search engines such as Google release statistics that showed mobile search passed web search, proving that mobile friendly websites are more important than ever before. That is not to mention that Google also released a statement with a focus on mobile-friendly websites and said that in mobile search they will prioritise results that have been verified as mobile-friendly. This made the state of your website not being responsive for mobile would penalise your website in the search rankings.

I think that should be enough of an incentive for business owners to make sure that they update their website to a responsive website design as soon as possible!