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Building websites

Fascinated with the mysteries of website design and development, my interest in how to build websites started from a young age. I started with the simple drag and drop tools provided by Yahoo page builder, which, sadly no longer exists. Not long after I moved over to Geocities another website builder which no longer exists, but I think you can find some archives of websites built on that platform somewhere.


It was a starting point, but drag and drop made me no more a web designer that those who use Wix or Squarespace today. I needed to learn the mechanics behind the positioning of elements and interaction.

Introducing HTML

HTML is the static building block of the web as we know it. I quickly learnt the commands to place images and text in boxes and how to display (render) them on a web page that could be viewed by others.


In those early days I would build websites based on hobbies and interested such as Star Wars and online games I played.


Quickly the thirst to learn more grew and I decided to move on to learning PHP. HTML was a static code, I say was, as with the launch of HTML5 it is no longer static, but PHP was dynamic, which meant it could store information and then display it again when you requested it. Using PHP and MySQL I was able to build faster and more sophisticated websites that could offer information that was pulled from a database.

Fast forward

Over a decade has passed and not much has changed besides trends in the design flow but the way a website is coded remains the same, yes, we have new coding languages, but platforms such as WordPress has revolutionized the content management system but the fundamentals of storing information and retrieving remain the same, even WordPress runs on PHP and MySQL.

If my skill was visual
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